Save The Bilby Fund

National Bilby Day Second Sunday in September

Sponsor your favourite real live bilby from the gallery and become a Bilby Buddy. Just click here! 

Bilbies were common in many different habitats throughout Australia until European settlement. Predation by European red foxes and feral cats has meant that bilby populations now only occur in the isolated arid and semi-arid areas of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. 

Making a difference

Some people are born to achieve great things. Luke Curnow was one such boy.  Tragically, though, his life was cut short at age 7 before he could live his dreams.  Australians, with your support, we can keep his spirit alive by helping his favourite animal – the bilby.  

View this ABC news video about this inspirational boy  and his contribution to saving bilbies.

Our bilbies need more special people to help save them.

bilby raffle 2014

Bilby Easter Raffle 2014

Raffle launching soon on 10 April - for NSW and Queensland residents only - watch this space. Terms and conditions.

Go Green Bilbies 2014

Latest News and Events

Make 2014 an all bilby Easter

Now that we have new supporters in Pink Lady chocolates, you can find Easter chocolate bilbies (look for the Save the Bilby Find swing tag)  in a range of stores: Big W, David Jones, Myer, Australia Post and various speciality …
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Become a Bilby Buddy

You can now become a buddy of some of our wonderful bilbies.  All sponsorship money goes directly to helping Save The Bilby Fund’s captive breeding programs as well as community awareness and education campaigns, field conservation and research and feral animal management.  In your Bilby Buddy pack, …
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Feral Peril

Learn more about our country’s urgent need to control feral animals before we lose more of our unique species, including the bilby. Feral cat numbers alone are estimated to be  23 million! Read Frank Manthey’s call to action which proposes …
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