About Save The Bilby Fund

Save the Bilby Fund was launched on 28 March 1999 by Frank Manthey and Peter McRae to raise money and awareness to help stop the steady decline of bilbies.


"In 2040, the greater bilby and its cultural and spiritual significance to Traditional Owners is valued and embraced by all Australians and by the global community. Together we engage through effective partnerships providing legislative, management and stewardship frameworks that support secure, viable and self-sustaining populations of bilbies in the wild, across an extended range."


"Save The Bilby Fund will actively initiate, promote and support programs of education, research and direct action to secure the long-term conservation of bilbies, and support programs targeting other endangered/threatened Australian animal species."


Honesty, integrity, passion, commitment and transparency

Focus areas

The following four key areas of focus will enable Save the Bilby Fund to effectively and efficiently deliver on its mission:

  • Increase in bilby abundance
  • Increase in public awareness and education
  • National coordination of recovery effort
  • Sustainability of our programs


Easter bilbies

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