How you can help bilbies

Our work to save the bilbies relies on YOUR donations. Without this help from the Australian public, we risk losing bilbies from the wild forever.

The bilby has disappeared from 80% of its former range. Introduced animals and habitat change have decimated their numbers and drastically reduced their distribution.

With the resources available to it, Save the Bilby Fund is doing everything in its power to help save this precious marsupial of the Australian outback. The Fund is responsible for co-ordinating the national Recovery Plan for the species. Without this type of informed management of the wild, captive and semi-captive populations, we risk bilbies becoming extinct.

Save the Bilby Fund relies on your support and we have no recurrent funding from any source, including the government.

Managing the conservation needs of a species that lives in the remote parts of our arid outback is complex and costly. Your donation will be making a direct contribution to bilby conservation.

The Fund has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and “is a registered DGR on the federal government’s Register of Environmental Organisations".

The bilby's future really is in your hands.


Donations are used to fund research and education programs. You can make a donation through our online shop.


If you would like to know how to make a bequest to Save The Bilby Fund Ltd, you will find more details here.


Purchase the affordable bilby merchandise (Why not buy in bulk and hold a bilby fundraising event! Please use these guidelines if you'd like to help in this way.). Online shop.


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