Sponsor a bilby

For $60 a year you can sponsor a bilby and help captive breeding programs for the species. The sponsorship IS tax deductible.

Through sponsorship you become a Bilby Buddy. Choose your favourite bilby ... will it be Frank, Macca, Jessica, Squiggle or Bilbo or one of the many other bilbies needing your help.

Our valued and trusted supporter EnviroPrint Australia have been hosting and operating the sponsorship program for us over many years.

CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR A BILBY (you will be redirected to EnviroPrint Australia)



Easter bilbies

Bilbies not bunnies this Easter - Easter presents us all with the special opportunity to replace the feral rabbit with the Greater Bilby (Macrotis lagotis) as the true Australian Easter icon. read more

Bilby Update - 2016 in Review

Find out all about what's been happening with the Fund throughout 2016. read more