Save The Bilby Fund Projects

Charleville Bilby Experience

Make the bilby shows in the Charleville Bilby Experience one of the highlights of your visit to Western Queensland. Come and learn all about this endangered marsupial and the challenges our wildlife are facing and how we are fighting to save them.

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Citizen Science Trips

We are currently investigating potential activities in western Queensland to survey bilby numbers both within the national park boundaries and outside.

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Greater Bilby National Recovery Plan

In March 2015, Save the Bilby Fund initiated the Greater Bilby Recovery Summit. It brought together 39 experts who represented 29 stakeholder groups involved in bilby conservation.

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Currawinya Bilby Fence

The bilby fence at Currawinya National Park, completed in October 2002, was designed to protect bilbies from feral animals and predators to enable them to live and breed in safety. It cost $500,000 to build the 25sq km electrified predator-proof fence.

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Annual Events

Each year Save The Bilby Fund participate and organise a host of annual events.

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Easter bilbies

Bilbies not bunnies this Easter - Easter presents us all with the special opportunity to replace the feral rabbit with the Greater Bilby (Macrotis lagotis) as the true Australian Easter icon. read more

Bilby Update - 2016 in Review

Find out all about what's been happening with the Fund throughout 2016. read more