'2017 Bilby Tracks' ...

Proposed 2017 dates for citizen science program

Proposed 2017 dates have been announced with final confirmation by the end of this month.

April 29 - 6 May

July 15 - 22

September 9 - 16

November 4 - 11

If you are keen to be part of '2017 Bilby Tracks', please join our bilby tracks mailing list HERE and if you have questions or wish to express interest in a particular trip (April/May, July, September or November dates) contact Colleen directly at bilbytracks@savethebilbyfund.org. More information soon.

'2016 Bilby Tracks', our pilot tour to Currawinya National Park (via Charleville and Eulo), a special trip, not just because it was the first, but because it coincided with the major events such as official opening of the new Bilby Centre and the Fur Ball in Charleville for National Bilby Day. This tour was run as an initial trial to inform a model for developing ongoing citizen science trips to assist the management of bilby projects.

This trip did some benchmark survey work required prior to bilbies being re-established behind the Currawinya Bilby Fence once the enclosed area is cat free.

We had an amazing team of 'Bilby Trackers' .... more photographs and information about our first citizen science trip will be available soon.

Draft itinerary (PDF) for the September 2016 trip

What you need to know:

Internet coverage is intermittent outside of Charleville. Satellite phones will be available for co-ordinating working parties in the field.

Average temperatures in September range between about 9 and 26 deg. C. (But it can be hotter and colder than that)

The fieldwork will require a moderate level of fitness and you will be required to undertake up to six hours of research-related fieldwork per day.

This is a remote location without immediate access to emergency services and medical assistance.

You must be over 18 to participate.

Potential field activities:

Note you will be given training and guidance from researchers from Griffith University and local rangers in skills needed to participate in the following activities.

  • confirming the integrity of the Currawinya Bilby Fence including minor repairs and vegetation control along the fence-line
  • testing and minor maintenance of field equipment
  • conducting transect surveys and monitoring sand traps for animal tracks and other signs
  • spotlighting surveys at night

These activities will be interspersed with a guided trip to the major landmarks of Currawinya National Park and talks at night by researchers, rangers and local experts in the natural history of the region.


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