Bilby Update - 2016 in Review

Over the course of this 2016 Save the Bilby Fund has achieved a series of major milestones shared with you in the following Bilby Update. As the momentum builds through 2017, your donations are now more critical than ever in enabling us to continue this essential work. Our Fund does not receive any recurrent government funding and relies on the generosity of everyday people to support our cause. This festive season we have partnered with everydayhero to help you donate through 'GiftYourChristmas'. So please support our fundraiser and help us to save the much-loved and iconic bilby that is facing extinction in the wild. The bilby is a flagship species for our increasingly threatened wildlife in the outback. Working to ensure its future also supports the conservation of Australia's arid zone and its other unique species. Sincerest thanks for your ongoing support and best wishes for a safe and prosperous festive season.

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Kev Bradley CEO,
Save the Bilby Fund


Easter bilbies

Bilbies not bunnies this Easter - Easter presents us all with the special opportunity to replace the feral rabbit with the Greater Bilby (Macrotis lagotis) as the true Australian Easter icon. read more

Bilby Update - 2016 in Review

Find out all about what's been happening with the Fund throughout 2016. read more