⚠️ WORK IN PROGRESS: Easter bilbies for 2021—expected to be out of the pouch (and beginning their training 😉) by June 👋🏼

But will chocolate bilbies be on shelves for Easter 2021—so Aussies can celebrate these endangered national icons? If you haven’t signed our petition to tell Coles and Woolies we want BILBIES not BUNNIES in 2021, please do so today: https://bit.ly/3e8zm2z

This picture is of mum Summer’s pouch, showing her babies new born then roughly a month later. She is out at our breeding facility in which our team are aiming to have our bilbies produce a few more litters before we will release them and see these bilby populations increase.

🔊 This work would benefit significantly from having our biggest supermarkets sell chocolate bilbies, with a percentage of sales going towards bilby conservation (and mums like Summer)! Please sign our petition today: https://bit.ly/3e8zm2z