A chance to win a signed copy of “An Antechinus in the Attic”?

Would you like to win a signed copy of the beautiful new children’s book “An Antechinus in the Attic”?

Well, if so, bust out your colouring pencils and texters!

The author of An Antechinus in the Attic Viarnne Mischon (a supportive bilby-lover!) has very kindly offered a signed copy of the book as a prize for the winner!

Send us through your Bob the Bilby colouring-in sheet by taking a photo and posting on our FB page, sending a direct message, or email to supportercare@savethebilbyfund.org by 5 pm 30 September 2020.

Winner will be announced Monday 5 October 2020.

Click here to download colouring sheet.

Happy colouring in!!!