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Out of the Spinifex

Bilby the Pink-eared Bandicoot heads off with Chuditch the Spotted Quoll, hoping to find a safe place to live. Firekeepers no longer walk the great western deserts, burning the country in patches to bring new growth. Feral animals are everywhere, hunting creatures like Bilby and Chuditch or eating too many native plants. Our Australian deserts are no longer safe enough for many of our native species.

Across a Great Wide Land

Joined by Mala the Rufous Hare Wallaby, Numbat and Sticky the Stick-nest Rat, the five are urged on by others in trouble. As a simple search becomes a mighty quest, they must travel far across a great wide land to seek help from that scariest of species, the humans!

Into the Bowels of the Biggest City

Far on the sunup side of Australia, in the Biggest City by the Endless Sea, Felis Grandiosa the megalomaniac gutter cat has heard of the coming of The Five and swears to stop them. Can Tinny and Nessa, the young humans who befriend The Five, manage to save them from a shocking death?

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