Our Supporters

Organisations who are proud bilby-lovers!

Thank you for hosting a collection box in the bilby exhibit. Dreamworld tirelessly supported Save the Bilby Fund from the beginning and are an integral part of the bilby breeding for release program.

CLICK HERE to visit the Dreamworld website.

Always first to offer a helping hand to support Save the Bilby fund in any way they can.

CLICK HERE to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s website.

For hosting and celebrating the bilby on National Bilby Day (second Sunday in September which is also threatened species month).

CLICK HERE for the website link.

Have supported STBF since 2013 with a percentage of the sales of their chocolate bilbies at Easter.

CLICK HERE for Fyna Foods Australia’s website.

Animalia raise money for us through sales of their beautiful corton steel garden bilbies.

CLICK HERE to visit their online shop.

Our new partner for online sales of chocolate Easter bilbies.


Wildlife Conservation Co. produce organic chocolate Easter bilbies, including a dairy free option.

CLICK HERE for yummy chocolates.

EnviroPrint Australia are proud to provide ongoing support for Save The Bilby Fund by supplying graphic design assistance as well as printed brochures and flyers. Reclaimed potential waste paper was used for these items, that otherwise would have been destined for recycling. This enables us to use our skills and resources to assist others in a positive and rewarding way and actively work to minimise waste.

EnviroPrint’s main goal is to enhance public awareness of environmental conservation, cultural harmony, and the important work of Australian charities. We assist worthy organisations through the use of our quality graphic design and print services. We use locally source recycled papers, or reclaimed potential waste paper to maximise resource utilisation and save trees.

Find out more by going to the EnviroPrint Australia website at www.enviro-print.com.au

In-kind support and fundraising.

CLICK HERE to visit the Flat Earth Direct website.

We need your help to fund our Charleville bilby breeding facility upgrade!