Tell Cadbury: Don’t Dump the Bilby!

Time’s running out to tell Cadbury:
Bring back the chocolate Easter bilby!

When Cadbury killed off their version of the iconic Aussie chocolate bilby, they took away your consumer right to support bilby conservation work at Easter time. Please will you sign our urgent petition and tell Cadbury that Australians deserve better?

After years of making themselves look good by trading off the back of our little Aussie battler, Cadbury has dropped the bilby cold. They took advantage of the ‘Bilbies Not Bunnies’ Easter campaign to win favour with the Australian public. They pretended like they cared about protecting this vulnerable Aussie species, but in reality, all they cared about was their own sales.

The Australian Easter chocolate industry is worth over $1.8 billion dollars and Cadbury dominates the shelves. But at the first sign of a decline in sales, they discontinued production of the chocolate bilby and therefore no longer make the token donation they made to Save The Bilby Fund.

We believe that if Cadbury produce a sustainably manufactured chocolate bilby with a percentage of sales going to Save The Bilby Fund, we can preserve this species and save it from extinction.

Our wonderful partner, Pink Lady, already do this. But they are a small, Australian family-owned company. They do not have the heft, distribution networks and economies of scale that Cadbury do.

Cadbury has made bad decisions before, and has been persuaded by the weight of the great Australian public to back track. We believe we can persuade them to do the same again. But we need your help.

Cadbury won’t engage with us. We will get them to listen only if everyone raises their voice as one and speaks up now by signing our petition—before Easter has come and gone.

Your signature will help in three ways:

  1. Show Cadbury that Australia still wants bilbies not bunnies at Easter.
  2. Raise public awareness about critically endangered bilbies.
  3. Bring responsibly produced Cadbury chocolate bilbies back to shelves and a percentage of sales to Save The Bilby Fund, allowing even more consumers to support bilbies at Easter.

Please help us put pressure on Cadbury to bring back a sustainably produced chocolate Easter bilby and support the much-needed conservation of these defenceless Australian icons, by signing our petition below.

You can sign the petition here.